Monday, October 20, 2014

benefits of drinking lemon tea in the morning

benefits of drinking lemon tea in the morning Bubuk lemon extract, lemon sugar and lemon pepper
Where it came from powder lemon extract if not from the lemon itself? Chop the lemon skin, make sure you throw the white sari (usually bitter), and dry it by putting it on a plate for 3-4 days. Put it in a blender and crushed to form a powder. Again, this one can extract menyedapkan food.
For the lemon sugar, do the same by making the lemon extract. You just need to add any sugar to the mixture and store in a jar. Sugar has a lemon flavor in an instant. Pepper you can taste the lemon if you mix the extract with pepper. Try it!

8.Mengusir insects, eliminate trash odors and scent the room
Many pests abhor the nature of the acid in the lemon. You can mutilate lemon peel, then put it close to the hole, window, or any area that became the entrance for ants or other small animals. Lemon peel can also be used to eliminate odors in the area around the garbage disposal in the kitchen.
Or if the weather is hot, add the lemon zest just pieces in a container filled with water, and simmer over low heat to moisturize and scent the room.

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